WhatsApp PC problems and Solutions

If we try to install the Emulator Bluestasck and if in the middle of the installation appear us a black window of color or simply the installation does not advance we must realize the following action:

1.- We go to the button of beginning (left down corner) and in "Look for programs and files " we write msconfig and accept. In "beginning of windows" we remove the selection to all the programs and it restarts the computer and once again we try to install the Bluestacks after the installation. Then initiate again msconfig and enables only the programs that you need.

If we try to realize this installation in an old computer there are different mistakes that can appear to us so we will indicate his possible solutions:

2.- The most common mistake is " This Application requires at least 2 GB of physical memory" This mistake appears when our computer does not have sufficient memory RAM. This memory is not the same as hard disk, so we can have the disc with very much space but if we do not have 2 Gb of memory RAM we cannot realize this installation. The solution is is to call a technician and tell him to extend the memory RAM of our computer.

3.- Other one of the frequent problems is the famous MISTAKE 2500 and the following message is "Bluestacks currently doesn't recognize your graphics card it is possible your graphics Drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try to install again ", this mistake is due to the fact that the card of graph is not compatible with bluestacks and the steps to continuing to solve this problem it is to update the drivers of the graphical card; to update graphical cards Intel here, to update cards of video AMD here or for the update of graphical cards Nvidia here but if the card of video is very old to update the drivers it will not be a solution supporting the possibility of updating to a new card of video (before this it is necessary to evaluate if it's better to invest in an old computer only for having Whatsapp installed in)

4.- Other one of the mistakes is when we do not have updated our Windows XP " this application requires win xp sp3" so we must install the Update of the Service Pack 3 so we go to the button of beginning / all the programs / Windows Update and to update until we have Windows with the Service Pack 3 (This might take a half an hour or even an hour) or we might choose to unload the ISO of the Service Pack 3, copy it in a CD and install the SP3 in the computer.

5.- "Not APP Found please check your network connectivity" For this mistake we must realize WhatsApp's download from here, to seek for the file disburdened of with the name WhatsApp.apk to execute it with double click, to initiate the emulator Bluestacks and to go to My Apps we look for WhatsApp's icon and initiate and we follow the steps of the video here

* It is defined as PC Whatsapp the emulation of Whatsapp android in terms of windows.

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