How to increase the speed of the PC Windows - Guaranteed

To achieve a significant increase of the speed of the PC I will explain a few tricks and methods of work to achieve the maximum speed of our computer. If you are interested in only the tricks I invite you to look for them in the final part of this tutorial, and for those who will accompany me in all this great adventure I will explain to you first the different reasons for which our computer is losing made-to-measure performance the time passes.

Problem #1 virus and other insects

One of the principal reasons for which our computer loses performance is the secret danger that encloses the navigation in Internet since we go from a page to other one in ours day after day and more of someone of these pages this one contaminated or take us to one that is contaminated. So, if we do not take the necessary measurements our computer will contaminate rapidly with virus, malware and spyware and the impact of this pollution is left to see in the speed loss of our equipment.

The Solution

For the elimination of virus, malware and Spyware we can realize several actions: if our computer almost rendered useless by these insects we download Hirens Boot. We initiate the USB or the CD like you prefer and we initiate in mini XP mode. Later we initiate Hirens Boot's menu and go in programs to the section Antivirus/Spyware and choose Personal Avira Antivir. Then we realize a cleanliness of the contaminated computer.

Once realized the first option or if we do not have major problem to enter to the PC we have to:

In case the computer has an antivirus of payment we have to storage update and check it. If our computer does not have an antivirus or we have has an antivirus that last until 2025 installed sure has virus and other insects so we must eliminate the antivirus and install the new one. We go to the page Free Antivirus and install an antivirus (I recommend to see the video of this page) Once installed the antivirus we update it and scan our computer like that we will eliminate the virus. Not to leave doubt let's use a Scan online of the same page Free Antivirus.

Once eliminated the virus …

To recover the speed loss of our browsers of Internet we must eliminate the toolbars that the malware or other programs badly meaningful have installed to us in our operating system, if this is done:

If our PC is Windows 7, the steps to continuing will be the following ones:

  1. Button of beginning
  2. In the cabin to look for programs and files we write uninstall a program
  3. In the part of above(up) we will see Control panel and then uninstall a program so we enter to this application
  4. being inside uninstall a program we will see the list of all the programs installed in our computer and we proceed to uninstall all the toolbars (taken care never uninstall a program that we do not know since we can reconfigure the computer).

After these 2 steps we will see that the speed of our computer and Internet browser has increased but it is not quite

Problem #2 is absent of maintenance

Since everything in the life the computers also need a minimal maintenance of every 6 months since the system suffers an aging that hastens for lack of a good maintenance so they mostraré what it(he,she) makes a technician to revitalize an operating system:

  • It cleans the record
  • It eliminates temporary
  • It modifies the graphical aspect
  • It eliminates programs inecesarios and not secondhand(worn) characteristics
  • It prevents that the programs consume memory(report) RAM unnecessarily
  • It exploits to 100 % the memory(report) RAM

The Solution

The Utilization CCleaner is a very simple but a very powerful way for the tasks of maintenance, we can download it from the last one the version of the CCleaner"

In the first section we find the cleaner:

This CCleaner's section will allow us to eliminate the record, I broke of Internet navigation, temporary, cookies and wastebasket of recycling with which we will take more space on hard disk.

In the section Register:

In this section we will be able to realize a deep cleanliness of the record of our operating system which is like the backbone of the Operating system (it one recommends to realize several times you do in order that that does not exist)

In the section Tools:

On this paragraph in the last months interesting sections have been included. I will explain rapidly of what they consist. First we are with:

uninstall Programs

Is a manager of applications in which we can visualize the installed programs and eliminate the not wished ones with which will spread on disc and we would liberate memory RAM of the programs that are abusing his consumption.

This new section in his first qualified paragraph Windows allows us the possibility of eliminating the programs that one initiates together with our Windows and that consume our memory RAM. The suitable management of these programs will allow us to liberate the consumption of memory RAM having an important impact in the performance of the operating system.

Internet Explorer

in this emblem we have the possibility of administering the beginning of the complements of the Internet browser To explore with which we will be able to increase the speed of our Internet and his performance.

Google Chrome

Thanks to this emblem we can monitor what extensions we have installed in Chrome and eliminate those that we are not going to use (let's remember that every installed extension consumes a minimum of 6 Mb)

Programmed tasks

In this paragraph we will see a series of routines that execute on the second plane that normally are of Updates of programs as of Chrome de Google or the Facebook and other routines of maintenance. If you think these routines are not adapted you can eliminate or deactivate.

Contextual menu

In this section we will see the options that appear in the sub-menu when we give click right on the office or an element of this one. To activate or to deactivate some option of this one will improve the speed of the computer simply it is to download this menu or to remove some application that does not interest that appears.

Up to this point you have been capable of eliminating virus and other insects of the computer and to give the computer more life by means of a deep maintenance, sure where it has liberated enough space of the hard disk. Now you can enjoy not only of more space but also of a more speed in the operating system. One more step to do Do you want to know which one? Follow the next reading of the following subsubject

that is the fragmentation?

The fragmentation of a hard disk is said in a simple way the disorder of the files guarded in a hard disk, since the files guard in several small packages with those who take place when having used Internet. The hard disk of our computer is kept on the other hand constant so it is recommended that the disc should be defragmented occasionally or that we arrange the information in order that our Windows finds in a simpler way the information.
To realize this action we will not use the already known Defraggler if not the powerful Auslogics since this program allows us several very interesting options at the moment of fulfilling the desfragmentación:

Download and beginning of Auslogics

If still you haven't downloaded it you can do it from the following link: Auslogics's Last version
This installation is silent and very sure so automatically it disburdens and installs. Then only we will must press the key Windows and write Auslogics, will see that in the top part in the section of Programs us Auslogics's program appears already. We give him click and initiate

Auslogics's configuration

When having initiated we will see in the bar of menu the option Settings and a submenu of name Program Setting … and later we go to Algorithms and select 4 options. We press agree so only we select the units in which we are going to order and later go to the button Defrag and click in the reversed triangle. We select Defrag and Optimize, we will see that it has initiated the process that is in the habit of being late a lot of time so as option we can activate "Turn off after defracmentation". This option it will allow us to forget because the computer when having ended will switch off by itself.

After realizing these steps share your experience in your social networks and your own impressions on this article with your comment.

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