Como crear una memoria USB con Windows XP

How to Make a Bootable USB Drive with Windows XP

Bootable USB drives are very important for computer technicians, so it’s no surprise that Projecto Byte has a wide range of different tutorials for making bootable USB drives for different operating systems. In this case, we’ll complete our coverage of Windows based systems by explaining how to make a bootable USB drive with Windows XP. Even though Windows no longer offers tech support for this operating system, this tutorial is helpful since you will most likely have some clients that are still using machines running Windows XP.

Advantages of Using a USB Drive with Windows XP Installed

  1. The installation is much faster than using an optical drive.
  2. You can use the USB drive on a machine with no optical drive.
  3. You won’t have to waste discs and can reuse the same USB drive as many times as you need.

Essential Downloads and Materials

After installing the WinsetupFromUSB tool you will see the following icon on your desktop.


Running the application and giving it permission to access the system will cause WinSetupFromUSB to display the following window:

Crear una memoria USB con Windows XP

Install Windows XP in the USB Drive

  1. Click Browser and select the disc drive containing Windows XP.
  2. Click Refresh and choose the USB drive.
  3. Click Fixed.
  4. Click GO.

After completing these 4 steps, the process of making a USB drive with Windows XP will begin.

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  1. Saludos!

    Quería felicitarte por el tutotrial y aprovechar para consultarte algo

    Quiero utilizar una USB como disco duro e instalarle windows XP ¿es posible o el sistema me va a impedir arrancar desde la USB?

    ¿que opinas? ¿me recomiendas algún sitio donde indiquen como hacerlo?

    gracias por tu atención

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