Como crear una memoria USB con Windows XP

How to Make a Bootable USB Drive with Windows XP

Bootable USB drives are very important for computer technicians, so it’s no surprise that Projecto Byte has a wide range of different tutorials for making bootable USB drives for different operating systems. In this case, we’ll complete our coverage of Windows based systems by explaining how to make a bootable USB drive with Windows XP. Even though Windows no longer ...

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International free call for PC

Free National and International Calls | from your PC

Today I want to show you something very important and useful. It's a totally legal way to make free national and international calls. To follow this tutorial you'll need WhatsApp Messenger with it's recently released WhatsApp Call feature so that you can make free international calls. In the video below I show you how to make free national and international calls ...

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Hirens Boot 15.2

Download and Install Hiren's BootCD 15.2 with No Disc or USB Drive

Hiren's BootCD 15.2 is definitely the swiss army knife of the tech team at Proyecto Byte. There's an entire section of the site dedicated to this awesome tool. We've already explained how to make a Hiren's Boot CD and how to make a Hiren's Boot USB drive (in case you don't want to waste a CD). The reality is that, even ...

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WhatsApp PC problems and Solutions

If we try to install the Emulator Bluestasck and if in the middle of the installation appear us a black window of color or simply the installation does not advance we must realize the following action: 1.- We go to the button of beginning (left down corner) and in "Look for programs and files " we write msconfig and accept. ...

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How to Remove the Windows Password in Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP

In order to remove the Windows password* you will have to get deep down into your operating system where its hidden treasures (like the OS's passwords) are stashed. Guarding access to these passwords is your enemy: the SAM or SAM ""Security Account Manager". You'll have to fight him to get your treasured "passwords", but you won't have to fight alone. Your trusty ...

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How to increase the speed of the PC Windows - Guaranteed

To achieve a significant increase of the speed of the PC I will explain a few tricks and methods of work to achieve the maximum speed of our computer. If you are interested in only the tricks I invite you to look for them in the final part of this tutorial, and for those who will accompany me in all ...

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How to install Windows 7 with Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool

If you are an owner of a netbook or a notebook with Windows XP, you will probably interested to know how to install Windows 7 on your computer, without a DVD drive, you have, here, this tutorial with easy steps: Material to use: Windows 7 ISO image, if you don’t have the ISO image, you must to create it with UltraISO download ...

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WhatsApp PC for Windows

I'll show you a simple and easy way to install WhatsApp PC for Windows using step-by-step instructions. WhatsApp PC is a great way to chat with friends for free, especially if you don't have a smartphone with WhatsApp for Android, your phone's been stolen, or you've misplaced your phone. Just to be clear, there is no official version of WhatsApp ...

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