Hirens Boot CD: How to eliminate damaged sectors of a hard disk

To eliminate sectors of a hard disk we will use Hirens Boot's tool CD 15.2 If we do not have Hiren's's CD we can download it from this tutorial, here. This process consists of eliminating the damaged sectors of the FAT, though the damaged sector continues forming a part of the disc, isn't included in the index, this means it stops representing a problem for the user. I show the steps to continuing.

We begin

  1. We form the BIOS it is to said the boot disk of the computer in order that it initiates with CD's or DVD's.
  2. We insert Hiren's Boot's CD CD 15.2 and initiate the computer
  3. Before realizing the elimination of damaged sectors is important that you keep a copy of the information of the hard disk because exists the risk of eliminating a file of the system or of losing a document.
  4. We initiate in way Mini Windows XP. We go to the icon HBCD Menu, then to Programs. Later to Hard Disk/Storage and we initiate the application "Victoria" (HDD Info / test).
  5. Now inside the program we go to the emblem Tets
  6. Now to the left side of the red button "password" we select Erase.
  7. And finally click in Start

The kindness of this program is great. It will allow us to have an idea of the condition(state) of the hard disk and it will help us to take a good decision at the moment of disc replaces or to re-use hard for some computer.

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  1. Yacoub Haroun Hassan


  2. Hi! I’ve just done what you said with the “erase” option marked.
    How do I know it worked?
    As I didn’t (know), I did it again with the “remap” option marked. It’s going way faster (so I guess it did erase some of the bad sectors) but it’s still finding bad sectors (much less of course).
    Is this normal?

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  5. I have an issue with my toshiba hdd .when i repair disk from any software like hiern boot cd ubcd etc the hdd have no error found,but it have smart error and cant be fixed .5 reallocated count down 2047 sect reallocated. So i want to know how can i fix it .please help me.

  6. Hi,

    I am a computer instructor and your disk has repaired lots of computers that had problems with. I recommend that everyone should have Hirens Boot CD/USB. It is one of the most valuable disks I have.

    Thank you so much.


  7. Hi,
    My name is Alex, I love your writing style about hard disk

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