Install Android KitKat 4.4 for VirtualBox

Android 4.4 KitKat RC2 for VirtualBox is the new version for computers X86. In this occasion we will get away from all kinds of risk when having emulated an environment that does not harm our Windows. This new ROM releases a new Kernel designed to be furthermore compatible with PC platforms x86 so i recommend you to try it, and for this assignment I have prepared for you the video of front page that I recommend that you should take into account some tricks in order that you enjoy Android in VírtualBox.

Material necessary for his Installation

  1. VirtualBox 4.3
  2. Android 4.4 KitKat RC2

Download it only in case of another Operating system such as Linux or Mac

  1. VirtualBox for Linux
  2. VirtualBox for MAC

The first thing will be to install VirtualBox that we have already downloaded when having initiated VirtualBox we will locate the first icon of blue color with new name and we give click it will appear to us a new window and the configuration that we recommend will be the following one:

  •  Name: " Android for PC "
  • Type: Linux
  • Version Linux 2.6

After these 3 steps we will assign to it the memory RAM and we recommend 1Gb of Memory but as minimum our computer must have 2 Gb (the emulator can work with a minimum of memory RAM of 512 but it doesn't go very fluid)

  • Memory RAM: 1024 RAM (is the same as 1Gb of RAM)
  • Hard disk: VDI (VirtualBox Imagen)
  • Storage: dynamic private room
  • Size of the Hard disk: 8Gb

With this last step already we will have a virtual machine created so only we have to mount Android's ISO:

  1. We locate the second icon of name "configuration" and press click
  2. In the new window that will open us go to: Storage / Controller IDE/empty
  3. And in the right side, in attributes, we will see the unit of CD/DVD and we press click in the icon of the CD
  4. The option will spread out us " selects a file of virtual disc of CD/DVD … "
  5. There it is where we search ISO, it is to say our Android's file and once located we click to the button "To open and to agree"

In this point already we have our virtual computer with the CD of beginning of Android, so we select the virtual machine that we have just created and to look for the third icon that is an arrow of green color and press click. In this moment the virtual machine will initiate with Android's CD.

  1. We will see the manager of beginning in which we select the fourth option of name "Installation - Install Android-86 to hard disk"
  2. In this second step we will create a partition Linux so we choose Create/Modify Partitions
  3. When having changed the black screen with the cursor we go to the option "New" and then Primary and press the key "enter"
  4. Now we select "Bootable". Finally "Write" to give the order to create the partition confirmed with the word "yes"
  5. As soon as already the partition has been created we go to "Quit"
  6. In the new window we select the partition Linux we create the sda1
  7. And we apply a format to it ext3
  8. In the window Confirm we select <Yes>
  9. When having finished the Formatting in the new window Confirm we select <Yes>
  10. And equally in the window Question we return to select <Yes>
  11. And finally do we select Reboot, not without before dismantling the unit of CD from the icon of CD in the menu of below(down) and we select the option " Eliminates disc of the virtual unit "
  12. We dismantle the CD. When having restarted we will see the menu of beginning of Android for PC where we select the option Android-x86 4.4-RC2
  13. And later we go to machine and integration of mouse disqualifies
  14. After refilling the information of the menu of welcome already we will be able to see our environment android but before starting using it please follow(continue) the following advices(councils) to avoid problems in Android's use for PC

Advices to enjoy more Android KitKat for PC

  • Deactivate to turn automatically in the bar of rapid adjustments
  • In the same bar of rapid adjustments we can switch off the Android
  • Prevent Android from switching off the screen In settings / Display / Sleep / After never steals out of inactivity

Download Application Android

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