How to Root Android in Seconds

If you have a late model Samsung S4 or S5 or similar phone, you're sure to like the method for rooting your Android device using Towelroot. To use it, you'll need a device running Android KitKat. If you're still not sure what exactly the Android rooting process is, take a minute to read this article before moving on: What Is "Rooting" Your Android Device?

How Does Towelroot Work?

Towelroot came about thanks to its developer discovering a vulnerability in the Linux core. (known as CVE-2014-3153) This allows Towelroot to take over the root account for you. Here are the steps you'll need to take to root your Android KitKat device.

Download and Install Towelroot

  1. Allow installation from Unknown Sources in Settings > Security so that you can install third party applications.
  2. Download Towelroot directly to your device by clicking on the λ letter.
  3. If you swipe down on the notification shade you'll see the Towelroot download. Tap on it to proceed with the installation.
  4. Once it's installed, find the Towelroot icon and start the application. You can also do this by swiping down for the notification shade and tapping where it says "Installation Complete" to open the Towelroot app.
  5. After you've opened Towelroot, click on the grey button that says "Make It Ra1n" and wait while the app does its job.
  6. If the root was successful the phone will restart.
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Install SuperSU

Now that you've rooted your phone, you have access to all of the administrative controls. To prevent an unauthorized app from using this root access, you need to install SuperSU.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store directly on your phone.
  2. Search for SuperSU and then go ahead and install it.
  3. Once it's installed, click "Open".

Confirm New Root Access

  1. Go to the Google Play Store directly from your phone.
  2. Search for Root Checker and install it.
  3. After installation, click "Open".
  4. Start Root Checker and click the Very Root Access grey button.
  5. If the rooting process was successful, the Root Checker application will show a green message that says congratulations! This device has root access.

Other Methods for Rooting Android

  • Framaroot features a very simple installation and allows for safe rooting and unrooting.
  • VROOT allows you to root a wide range of devices including both popular brands and Chinese imitation models.
  • Odin is used for rooting Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • FlashTool is highly recommended for flashing SonyX10 and any Sony Xperia.
  • Kingo Android Root allows you to Root Android easily just like the above tools. The app is also very effective on a large number of Android phones. You'll find a list of all compatible devices in the article.

Official Site | https://towelroot.com/

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