How can you install Android 4.4 KitKat for PC - tutorial definitive

This installation is not an emulation, is an installation on Android KitKat's hard disk in the PC, which would be useful with all the resources of the PC. This means a minimal risk because we do not replace the sector boot the Windows on as it happened in previous tutorials. This time we add to one line at windows startup manager, that will allow us to initiate with Windows or with Android and this simplifies in case we want to delete of Android program if we were wishing it. We proceed to indicate the steps to continue:

Necessary Downloads

Installer of Android here
Android KiKat's ROM for PC here

Android KitKat's installation for PC

  1. We Initiate the installer of Android.
  2. Click in the button "select ISO" and we indicate the computer where is the ISO.
  3. We Select the unit where we want to install Android
  4. and assign the space of memory for it
  5. Finally Click in the button "Install Now"

When you finished you will see the following message " installation complete "in this moment we click to the button "Accept" and we restart.

When we get restarted we will see a menu where we will be able to choose if we want to initiate with Android. Then we select it in the second menu, choose the first option "Android" and we will observe the animation of Android KitKat, and we follow the menu of welcome of Android's

Uninstall Android for PC

  1. Android's uninstallation for PC is very easy. We go to the button of "Inicio" and in "looking for programs and files" write uninstall a program
  2. We choose the program Android and give click in the button uninstall.

If for some strange reason after the continuous uninstallation continue appearing the menu, we will have to do the following steps:

  1. Right Click in PC / properties / advanced configuration of the system / Inicio button and recovery. Click the button of Configuration and to deactivate to show the list of operative systems.
  2. Later go to PC and we enter to the unit where we install android KitKat and erase the folder Android

Advices to enjoy more Android KitKat for PC

  1. "Deactivate to turn automatically" is an option in the bar of rapid adjustments
  2. In the same bar of rapid adjustments we can switch off Android
  3. Avoid that Android switch off the screen In settings / Display / Sleep / After never time out of inactivity

Download Android Applications

Warnings and precautions

  • Not to have any Android's previous installation on the hard disk
  • Always it is recommended to realize a safety copy of the information that we don't want to lose.
  • The responsibility of installing any operative system relapses on the final user. Project Byte use of the information does not become in charge of the badly use of the information here exposed.

Hope you like the information!

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  1. hola, bien realmente la iniciiativa es excelente, me encanta tu deseo por apoyarnos a los que a duras penas sabemos nuestro nombre, bien, el sietema lo he probaado y es genial, PERO siempre ese PERO, de que sirve instalrarlo en el pc s a la hora de querer ejecutar un juego por eje,plo ASPHALT 8 o su ermanito ASPHALT NITRO no los ejecuta? me madnda el bello mensaaje> LAMENTABLEMENTE LA APPLICACION ASPHALT SE HA DETENIDO, o por ejemplo le instale PUERIFY y le consedi todos los permisos root necesarios PERO me bloqueo la app, y reinicio mi laptop y aun asi sigue igual, la pregunta es: cual es el motivo de ese sistema si uno no puede jugar sus juegos favoritos como ASPHALT, NOVA, y juegos del mismo calibre?

  2. hola, por favor, ayudame… ya estoy usando el android y todo normal, pero instale un juego y no puedo jugar porque se detiene, ya que la pantalla da un giro hacia la derecha y el juego no aparece, ya instale el controlador de rotacion que dices y nada, sigue sin funcionar, por favor, en serio necesito hacer funcionar este juego.. gracias de antemano

  3. i need help, 1. i need to know how to remove multiple android links in the OS selection area,
    example: i get : windows 10/Android/Android <- i want to erase 1 of them, as when i did uninstall
    that option was not remove together with the uninstall.

    2. how come many of the apps i have install wont run example snes emulator or ppsspp or chrome browser or firefox browser wont boot after install.

    3. i need to know where i can add downloaded apps ( what folder i should put them in the boot folder?

    thank in advance i hope you can answer/ help me please.

  4. Yo no puedo – I am unable to download the KIT KAT part of this. Can you come up with a better link?

  5. Con mi pc con android. Como puedo compartirle internet a este???

  6. Well, I installed android but when I select the boot device and android, when the 2 options of android appears i chose the first “run android”, it showed me some words and get stuck, I left my pc like 20 minutes but nothing happens

    I have win 8.1 pro, with core i7 and a lot of free space on my disk idk what can be the problem

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